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Your security is very important to us and because of this you may experience difficulty when connecting to our servers after failing to authenticate after a certain amount of failed attempts. These security measures are referred to as IDS rules, when they are triggered the server will prevent you from connecting to it for a certain amount of time, in an effort to prevent brute force attacks. 

If you are experiencing issues connecting to our servers after a certain amount of failed authentication attempts then use this guide below to assist with unbanning your IP address from our servers.

1. Log into your Laseroo Web Solutions Client Service Area.

2.Click on to the Services tab.

2. Locate the Domain Hosting Package affected by the IDS Rule and click on the green Active button.

3. On the Product Overview Page, click on IP Unban Center under the Actions tab.

4. On the Unban Center Page, click the lock icon on the affected service.

5. The Unban Modal Popup, provide the blocked IP address and click the green Check button to check if you IP has been blocked.

Click here to view your IP Address.

6. If your IP is not banned you will get the a "Your IP Address is not banned. 

If you get "Your IP Address is banned" proceed to step 7.

7. Click the Unban Button on the Popup Unban Modal and you will get a notification "The IP Address is now unbanned"

Your IP is now unbanned from our servers. If you are still facing problems or want us to login and assist you remotely please click here.

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